Well hello there!  I thought I'd start off this post with a brief introduction of the who, the what and the why of Rue Patois.

Rue Patois started as a poolside idea years ago in Maui (where all good ideas should start) when I was finally on vacation from my buying job.  I was feeling isolated at work and needed more community as a buyer than I was getting from sitting in front of a computer entering UPC codes.  I wanted to share ideas, talk shop, get inspiration and know that I wasn't the only one buried under a pile of catalogs and spreadsheet cells.  I wanted to create the website and the community I wish I had as a buyer. 

I've been in the gift industry buying, merchandising, sourcing, managing, stocking and 10-keying for over 20 years now.  Listen, I GET IT.  I get where you are and what you're doing.  I get that you love to talk about letterpress cards, which pen writes the best and what soap you're really into lately.  I also get why you love it and keep doing what you're doing ... because I do too!

At Rue Patois you'll meet other retailers and hear their thoughts on work. We'll discuss trade shows and how to strategize 4th quarter chaos.  We'll show off merchandising tips and we'll definitely talk products and trends.  You'll find your sources just one click away and your inspiration even closer.

I hope you find great product ideas and great community in addition to that extra bit of oomph to keep you going and doing what you love.... because let me be the first to tell you that you're awesome and you're slaying it at work today.  So roll up your office chair, eat some free chocolate samples and let's get inspired!

Susan Esayian