Poolside Drinks and My Ban on Ugly Drinkware


Every spring I declare what my summer drink will be.  Two years running was the sultry Mint Julep, and then there was at least one summer that involved A LOT of Kentucky Mules.  But this summer I proclaim my drink to be the Paloma.  A pink poolside spritz of tequila, sparkling grapefruit juice and lime.  But here's the rub: I DON'T DO SOLO CUPS.  While ever helpful in beer pong, my Paloma's will never see the inside of that plastic vacuum.  So, it is armed wth this fizzy inspiration that I offer instead some stylish suggestions in addition to some thoughts on what my snacks should be served on as well.  As always, links to product info are in each photo.  Enjoy!

  1. Reproduction Tin Plates from One Hundred 80 Degrees (assorted designs)
  2. Acrylic Fleur Tumbler from Le Cadeaux
  3. Classic Wine Tumbler from Hydroflask
  4. Aurora Stemless Tumbler from Corkcicle
  5. Reproduction Tin Plates from One Hundred 80 Degrees
  6. Disco Ball Tumbler from True Brands
  7. Classic Artican (aluminum can holder) from Corkcicle
  8. Ombre Sippy Cups from True Brands
  9. Crystal Dublin Blush Double Old Fashioned Glasses from Godinger Crystal


Susan Esayian