What Can Rue Patois do for you?

There's a reason why Rue Patois is called the Modern Buyers Concierge - more than just a directory of vendors, resources or pretty photos, Rue Patois aims to be your trusted source in the gift industry.  We can source, buy, merchandise, answer questions, point you in the right direction or plan and execute your whole project.  We are a full service consultancy business that takes joy in helping you be the best buyer (or rep, or vendor, or showroom...) you can be.  Send us an e-mail at and let's chat!


Sourcing and Buying


Rue Patois is a detective agency at heart, and there is nothing we love more than sourcing the perfect product to fit your needs -- whether it's the next big trend or a small, local producer that is new to the scene. We will meet your stores individual needs. Rue Patois can source, buy, make contacts and get all the nitty gritty information you need to do your job more efficiently. Let Rue Patois' 20+ years of experience pounding the pavement and greasing the wheels work for you on your time and for your specific needs. Consider Rue Patois a team member on demand! Send us an e-mail and let's chat!



The essence of a truly successful retail environment is in its appearance. Rue Patois knows this and takes visual merchandising seriously. We are here to assist in all aspects of display - from layout consultation, weekly maintenance or quarterly large scale moves. Rue Patois will tailor our services to your individual needs. E-mail us and let's connect!




Rue Patois offers personal consultation in all fields of buying, merchandising, sourcing and organization. Nothing makes us happier than helping you work through that pile on your desk. Would you like a second hand at organizing your product?  Do you need a second opinion in prioritizing your buys? Or hey, maybe you just want company walking the halls of a trade show and help guiding your vision (and holding your coffee). Give us a shout and let's talk about what you need!



Here at Rue Patois we are continually on the search for trends and great product - and nothing makes us happier than sharing it with our amazing audience of professionals in the gift industry. We are available and ready to chat about opportunities and how we can share our knowledge on your platform. Articles? Instagram posts? Style guides? We're all ears for your ideas! And if you're a business related to the gift industry, please contact us for web advertising opportunities.