Did Someone Say Holiday?


It's June.  You know what that means? Holiday is shipping... TO YOUR DOORSTEP.  And while I have no doubt you've filled your quota of snowflakes, Santa's and dreidels, here are a few snippets I'm head-over-heels for.  Of course, we'll be revisiting this topic in August when we see the last wave of available goods before the crazy begins.  So until then.....  Enjoy!  Note: I have focused on products that as far as I know, are still available for ordering and not sold out.  

  1. Blown Glass Sloth Ornament from Old World Christmas

  2. Wood Nativity Set from Accent Decor

  3. Nathalie Lete Cat Ornaments from Glitterville

  4. Fluffy Pastel Trees from Glitterville

  5. Porcelain Polar Bear with Sweater Mug from Tag Ltd

  6. Battery Powered Advent Calendar from One Hundred 80 Degrees

Susan Esayian